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Absolute Justice
A Mystery by Larry W. Pitts

Jason Garrett has it all, a promising career, prestige, money, and a beautiful wife. He is Schmitt & Lawson’s highest rainmaker and is on the fast-track to partnership. Life is good.

Then he makes a startling discovery.

And suddenly vanishes.

Frustrated with the Atlanta Police Department’s inability to find her husband, Julia Garrett hires Atlanta private investigator Nick Price to investigate Jason’s disappearance.

So begins Absolute Justice, a crime tale of greed, deceit—and murder.

As Price searches for the missing attorney, leads go nowhere. Charles Lawson, the senior partner at Schmitt & Lawson, is uncooperative; a bank executive who holds helpful information is too afraid to talk; an unscrupulous businessman, who Price is convinced had him assaulted, denies any connection to the case.

As the case escalates, Price enlist the help of some unlikely allies—Mable Williams, a ferocious secretary who feeds Price information, Ray Norris, a fence for the mob, and FBI Special Agent Luther Higgins.

With the body count rising, Price digs deeper to uncover the conspiracy Jason Garrett discovered and the men behind it—a feat that could cost Nick Price his life.


Absolute Justice has a host of extraordinary characters: Mike Soratelli, homicide detective, friend, and conduit to the Atlanta PD; Ray Norris, a liquor store owner and fence for the mob; Tony Veneto, a womanizing hired gun who has Price’s back. And Mable Williams, the ferocious, fifty-something secretary who helps Nick Price unfurl the mystery behind Garrett’s disappearance.


In this first in the series of Nick Price novels, with its lean prose, crackling dialogue, and razor-sharp characterization, the tough and funny Atlanta PI uncovers a network of criminals who will go to unthinkable lengths to keep their secret from being revealed.

Larry W. Pitts
Absolute Justice